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Ask Us Anything

How Do We Keep The Property Safe?

  1. We properly vet each guest before approving their booking

  2. Install home security cameras, locks, and noise monitoring devices

  3. Most third-party platforms provide $1 million insurance coverage

  4. We perform a thorough inspection after every guest leaves

How Do We Vet Qualified Tenants?

  1. Most third-party platforms already provide background checks

  2. Minimum 2-night stays to avoid parties

  3. Minimum number of reviews on guest’s profile

  4. Message guest to learn purpose of trip, number of guests, etc.

  5. Take photo copy of ID

  6. Hold security deposit as last resort

How Do We Ensure High Occupancy?

  1. High-quality, professional photos and video of property

  2. Dynamic pricing to stay competitive in local market

  3. Maintaining premium guest experience and reviews on various platforms

  4. Self check-in/out

  5. Quick turnaround with cleaning processes and automated systems

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